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Noida Public Library

Noida Lok Manch (NLM) is a registered non-profitable, charitable NGO Society established in 1998 as a people’s initiative. The activities of NLM have a wide ambit ranging from education to the under-privileged to helping victims of the natural disasters in India and its neighboring countries. Noida Public Library is a unit of Noida Authority being managed by Noida Lok Manch.

About Library (NLM)

(Managed by Noida Lok Manch)

“Library is an organization which stores the energy that fuels the imagination, it opens up windows to the world and inspires us to explore and achieve and contributes to Improving our quality of life”. Keeping in mind the importance of library Noida Lok Manch (NGO) has been managed a big library since April 2002 with cooperation of Noida authority at D-134, sector-15 Noida, near sector-15 metro station. Now Noida Public Library (a unit of learning) is being managed by Noida Lok Manch through its own initiative and support for the benefits of the public and the students preparing for the competitive examinations with a vision to upgrade and equip the library to make it a versatile community utility centre humming with creative activities

The Noida Public Library has a collection of over 80 thousand rich and wide range of books, journals & magazine, newspapers, rare books, special collection of books noida and nearby Noida authors & poets and other reading material in hindi, english, urdu and international languages, and much more.

Our Library’s collection include different form of material for every reader whatever their reading taste is. like books, periodicals, newspapers, print documents, CDs, DVDs, e-books and other format like constitution of India, All volumes of all kinds of encyclopedia, the guinness & limca book of records, reference books, collection of sacred text, religious texts, hindi texts, 4 vedas, ayurveda, sports & yoga, different competitive examination books, mass media communication text, big range of laws and all other subjective books etc.

Rare collection of material in our Library makes us unique and attracts all the readers and learners from each and every nook and corner of the state.

The main objective of the library is to spread the library movement in Gautam Budh Nagar District, to develop the reading habit among the people, to provide reading facilities to the students of the area and to prepare them for competitive examinations. Its vision is to upgrade and equip library to make it a versatile community utility centre humming with creative activities. Ultimately it is to act as a centre of learning, research and counseling centre especially for the youth of the area.


(Managed by Noida Lok Manch)
  • It is the only District Public Library in the Gautam Budh Nagar District.
  • Having a covered area of 630 sq. meters at Ground floor, Noida Public Library (NPL) is being managed by Noida Lok Manch since April, 2002 through its own initiative and support for the benefits of the public and the students preparing for the Competitive examinations and with a vision to upgrade and equip the library to make it a versatile Community Utility Centre humming with creative activities.
  • There are 7 Reading Halls in the first floor of the Library having a capacity ranging from 35 to 65 readers/students per room..
  • Lockers facilities are available to the students/readers/Members.
  • Students who are preparing for Civil Services Examination, C.As, Banks’ P.O., SSC and other State services examinations are taking the advantages of this library by using the reference books.
  • There is a separate Newspapers’ Reading Room. Noida Lok Manch will soon be undertaking the monthly mentoring of students who are preparing for the competitive examinations as well as at village levels. NLM is proposed to involve the local leadership for mentoring at the grass-root level as well.
  • Canteen facility is available to its Members.
  • Computerization of the Library is in the final stage and very soon will be the only computerized library in Gautam Budh Nagar District.
  • It is an excellent ‘Centre for Learning’ and ‘Career Counselling’.
  • NPL with its innovative ideas is trying to inculcate among the youth the spirit of nationalism for which NOIDA has the privilege of having very Senior/Rich Talent Persona in different fields like administrative, technical, engineering judiciary, banking, business etc. and will utilize their services in mentoring the students/Members of the Library for the competitive examinations.
  • To inculcate in the youth the feeling of nation building and bring them into the main stream of national development instead of their madness for civil services only.
  • Noida Lok Manch with its committed volunteers and with the help of Noida Authority and patrons are trying its best to provide excellent facilities to its Members/Readers.

Our Mission & Vision

It is an initiative taken by Department of Noida Lok Manch (NPL)


To nurture an eco system for continuous enhancement of value based teaching and learning process in the emerging areas of technology. To train quality human and knowledge resources in the service of society. To develop sustainable products and technologies.


To attain a distinct identity for the Institute through technology innovation, knowledge creation and dissemination for the benefit of the society.


Noida Public Library is a well-known public library in Noida, India. It offers a wide range of books, magazines, journals, newspapers, and other resources for people of all ages

The library staff is incredibly helpful and efficient, especially with providing support and guidance..."

Tanvi Mankodi
UPSC Aspiration

...Everything about the library is simply great, lot of resources in database, print, journals or online content and courteous nature of staff..."

Anup Sreekumar
SSC Student

"...Vast pool of resources and the ease of accessing them plus the highly supportive staff makes it the best library..."

Vanita Singh
UG Student

"...Well equipped with resources and databases, the library stands out as an epitome of Business..."

Ganesh Kumar
CAT Student

"...everyone here enjoys reading using the many facilities that the NPL has for every generation..."

Harsh Vardhan
UG Student

"...Noida Public Library is a rich resource to every member of the library..."

Amit Gosh