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Noida Lok Manch (NLM) invite you to be our Partner for following endeavours carried out with your active support.

  • Health Partner :
    for Medical Consultation and providing Free Medicines & other services by contributing Rs. 6000/= per year ( Rs 500/= per month)
  • Education Partner :
    NLM is providing education to approx 1300 children through our 3 Sansar School. You may opt to sponsor & provide education with annual contribution of Rs. 5000/= for 1 child , Rs 25,000/= for 5 children etc. as per your convenience.
  • Youth Support Partner :
    NLM is providing Library and reading room services to approx 250 students on daily basis. You may contribute Rs 4000/= per annum for 1 youth for Purchase of New Books and administrative costs.
  • Social Partner :
    NLM cremates Laawaris bodies (approx 150 per annum) with your active support. You may sponsor cremation of Laawaris bodies with full dignity with contribution of Rs. 3500/= per body.
  • Donation Accept Through (Cheque/Draft/RTGS/NEFT)
    Account Holder Name: Noida Lok Manch
    Account Number: 20242620655
    Bank Name: Indian Bank, Sector-31 Noida
    IFSC Code: IDIB000N612

“Let us join Hands to render better services to the Society”