National Curriculum Framework for School Education 2023

NCF from the NEP The NCF brings to life the aims and commitments of the NEP.

a. The Aims of Education are articulated in the NEP from which the curricular goals for the NCF are derived which then informs the rest of the elements.

b. This includes the full range of human capacities, values and dispositions that are aimed to be developed in school education. Pedagogy, practices, and culture must work in tandem to develop these, and move away from an overemphasis on memorization and content accumulation; in fact, content reduction is required to create space for such development.

c. The 5+3+3+4 Curricular and Pedagogical structure of school education is reflected in the learning standards, the content, the pedagogy, and the assessment approaches

d. It is integrative and holistic with equal status to all subjects and learning domains from Math to Sports. It integrates vocational education in all schools, and there is integration across subjects while developing rigorous subject understanding and capacities.

e. It confronts and address real challenges facing our countries’ education system. Notably that of literacy and numeracy, rote memorization, narrow goals, and inadequate resources.

f. It is deeply rooted in India. This is in content and learning of languages, in the pedagogical approaches including tools and resources, and most importantly in the philosophical basis – in the aims and in the epistemic approach. Let us consider some of the directly relevant matters.